Student Blogging Challenge | Chinese New Year: My Celebration

If you read my about page, you would know I’m pure chinese. In China, the new year wasn’t a joke, it was celebrated seriously. If you were living in China during the celebration known as the spring festival, you were to set up a big family banquet every night: good, thourghly clean the whole house for 15 days: bad. The bad things were done to sweep away and ill-fortune and start the year out fresh. Some community traditions were the lion dance and a parade through the streets. There would be dancers, martial arts, and possibly samurai.



Chinese Traditional Dance: Lion Dance




Chinese Fan Dancers; My sister loves to fan dance! 🙂



Fireworks, done as a community tradition.

Oh how I love to go to the American Chinese New Year! Unfortunately, I can’t afford plane tickets to China. It would probably be cool to visit China during the new year and see all the house decor.

Quick lesson: Wikipedia is probably gonna have more info than me so I’ll give you a link. Another name for the Chinese New Year Celebration was the Spring Festival. It lasted 15 days; starting on the Chinese New Year’s Eve and ending on the day of the Lantern Festival. They would do a gift exchange and give little red envelopes containing actual coins. They do not contain chocolate like in the U.S., Americans just are too greedy to give away money. Chinese celebration always includes open-air markets selling seafood, firecrackers, and clothing.




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